Chapter 5: Conducting Preliminary Research

With the design brief in hand it’s time to embark on the logo design journey and explore your options. You can’t run off into the forest of creativity just yet, though—that would be foolish. Conducting thorough research first will help to increase your chances of finding the perfect idea for the task at hand.

So, which type of research should you be carrying out? The answer to that question depends on what stage of the process you come in at and what your role is on the project. In this chapter, I focus on the research that should be carried out just for the logo, not for marketing or brand strategy. But a good understanding of all available research methods will help your progress and versatility.

I love research, but I know many designers who find it to be a dull and boring process. Research doesn’t have to involve sitting in a library for hours on end, reading up about subjects you have no interest in. This chapter details the available research tactics at your disposal and shows you how analyzing your findings can help to add focus to your creative process.

Background Research

Background research handles and analyzes data and information that have already been published. Background research can help you to:

• Gain a greater understanding of the target market

• Improve your own knowledge of the product or service that the brand offers

• Determine which new brands have successfully made an impact on the target audience

Researching ...

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