Chapter 11: Presenting Your Designs to Your Client

Selling your ideas and creativity is a tough business. Presentation is the downfall of many talented designers. Great designers, especially freelancers, have to play many different roles—it’s not enough to have fantastic design skills if you want to have a successful career. The good news is, if you’ve been working all along to build a strong relationship with your client through effective communication at the earliest stages of forming the brief, you won’t have a problem in getting your clients to trust you and your creativity.

In this chapter, I walk you through the presentation process, from preparing, to selling your idea, to handling client feedback, to revising your designs based on that feedback.

Preparing to Take the Stage

With your concepts at the ready, it’s time to convince the client that your solutions will help their brand. Remember: Your presentation of your ideas decides the future of your concept. You don’t want to spend hours or weeks on the development and exploration of a concept only to fail to show it to the client in the best possible way.

After you’ve given your presentation, your clients may ask questions. Try to anticipate what those questions might be, and make notes on how you want to respond, as well as any factors that could help to sell your idea.

Choosing your medium

The first step to preparing for your presentation is deciding on the best method for delivering your concepts. The answer really ...

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