Chapter 18: Initials and Monograms

This chapter showcases logos that feature the use of alphabetic characters to form a mark. Initials often stand for the name of the entity that the logo identifies and can be one letterform or more. A monogram is a combination of letterform or letterforms that overlap or are an amalgamation to form one graphical focal point. Initials and monograms help the viewer to remember the name of a brand, organization, or individual.

Deep Guy

Designer: Muhammad Ali Effendy (Sindh, Pakistan)

Aaron Storry

Designer: Pete Lacey (Frederiksberg, Denmark)



Designer: Muamer Adilovic (Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina)



Designer: Alexander Wende (Ulm, Germany)


Ça Roule

Designer: Roy Smith (Norwich, England)



Designer: Jan Zabransky (Zlin, Czech ...

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