That WordPress can power blogs as well as other editorial sites should be fairly obvious by now. You can use it for static Web sites, newspaper or magazine-like sites, and just about anything where you are publishing text, images, or any kind of multimedia really.

But why stop there? WordPress can be used for projects even further from its bloggish roots, which this chapter will show. You can be build sites on top of WordPress that the developer's definitely didn't have in mind from the start. Hopefully these adaptations of the platform will help you see the full potential of the system.

The Job Board

The first special project we'll work on is a job board. You have probably seen this kind of site already, where people and companies can post job openings. You'll use WordPress posts for storing each job offer, and for sorting them into main categories. Tags will be used to pinpoint more precisely what the job is all about, and among other things you'll tag each post with the company that posts the opening, which may prove to be an interesting way to sort jobs by in the future.

So far, so good. It is really pretty close to what WordPress was made for, isn't it? Despite it not being a blog, I mean.

The problem comes when you want to let the parties offering jobs post their jobs themselves, so you won't have to. Granted, you can just give them a username each (and even open up the signup form), but not let them have publishing rights, but should they really ...

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