Writing a book about WordPress isn’t the easiest endeavor that you could tackle. When my editor and I first started discussing this project, the idea was to create something that not only acts as an introduction to web developers and professionals who want to utilize the power of the WordPress platform, but also sparks the minds to create things beyond the obvious.

Or go beyond the blog, as it were, which is also the subtitle of this book. That subtitle still stands, as this book reaches its third edition.

The whole point is really to prove that WordPress is so much more than a blog-publishing platform. You can build just about anything with it, and you should as well if you like fast deployments and great flexibility. It is not always the perfect choice, but it should definitely be considered at all times. The ease with which you can both build and use this platform is a selling point, just as is the living community that can back you up when you run into problems and the fact that this is open source at its finest.

Although I think that anyone with some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP can learn WordPress from this book, it is important to remember that this is not a beginner’s book. I start at a pretty high pace to make sure that even professionals get the fundamentals right. It is so easy to stick to familiar territory and do things the way they’ve always been done, instead of learning to do them right. And although having the basics in here will help anyone ...

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