TO MOVE BEYOND traditional
WordPress sites, which build upon the
platforms blog basics, you need to be
aware of some of the more advanced
features that are available to the theme
developer. Most of these features build
upon the template tags and conditional
tags that you have been using thus far,
but the usage may di er. Some tech-
niques, however, will change or add to
the functionality of WordPress from
within your theme, which may not be
such a good idea if youre looking to
release it for general use, but may be a
good t for the project youre working
on right now.
at’s what it all boils down to, really:
taking WordPress and putting it to good
use for the task at hand. Building a
WordPress theme and releasing or even
selling it is one thing, but building a fully
edged WordPress-powered site is
something completely di erent. is
chapter is all about taking that extra step
and putting WordPress to good use.  is
includes having a sound theme concept,
styling the content the way you want,
adding custom features such as custom
headers and backgrounds, and working
with custom taxonomies when the default
categories and tags wont cut it. It also
covers adding even more hooks to your
theme for easy inclusion of more features.
Yes, there really is a lot you can do with
your WordPress theme, so lets get to it.
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