SMB’s Options Fundamentals Course

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SMB’s Options Fundamentals Courseis a five-part video series program that has been culled from a larger, more comprehensive series of option training videos developed by SMB. This subset of videos is designed for novice and intermediate level options traders who are seeking to learn the basics of trading options spreads for monthly income. The program involves a thorough review of the fundamentals of options, after which it delves into one example of a particularly popular strategy known as the iron condor.

Each video is accompanied by a PowerPoint exhibit that forms the basis of the video lectures and screen displays and serves as reference material for the viewer once the course has been completed. Please be sure to download the PowerPoint exhibits before watching the video lessons.Once viewers have completed this course, they will be in a position to drill down more deeply into the many powerful and advanced strategies that are available to the knowledgeable options trader.

The course includes five videos:

Options Course Overview: This video provides viewers with an overall preview of SMB’s larger, more comprehensive Options Training Program and the structure of the course. Its purpose is to provide a context for viewers as they review each of the remaining videos.

Fundamental Options Concepts: This video defines in detail what options contracts are and the many different ways that they can be categorized. The purpose of the video is to provide viewers with the fundamental options definitions that will drive their understanding of how to combine options into spreads as a strategy for trading income.

The Options “Greeks”: This video describes how options change price by virtue of changes in the underlying stocks or indices from which they are derived. Changes in options prices based upon changes in market volatility, the passage of time, and price movements in the underlying stock or index are reviewed. This information is critical in understanding how the spreads sold will create income for viewers who employ options income strategies.

Options Spread Theory: This video pulls together the knowledge viewers gained in the first few videos by demonstrating how options can be combined in ways that create many different income opportunities for patient, methodical options traders. These combinations, called “spreads,” are the basic building blocks of all options income trades. Once viewers understand the material in this video, they will be able to understand why the different, more advanced options strategies work.

The Condor Strategy: One of the most popular options income strategies is the iron condor. This strategy allows traders to select a range of prices within which they believe that a stock or index will trade over a particular period of time. Traders can then put together an options trade that “brackets” that range, and, if the market remains inside that range, the trade should be profitable. This video provides a strategy for trading the iron condor.

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Seth Freudbergis the Director of the SMB Options Training Program. He has mentored and presented options strategies to traders throughout the world. Seth graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and was the CEO of United National Group, a national specialty insurance carrier in Pennsylvania. He is now pursuing his long-time passion as a full-time options trader.

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  • Title: SMB’s Options Fundamentals Course
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  • Release date: March 2012
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