Chapter 25. Web Collaboration Services

In This Chapter

  • Introduction to web collaboration services

  • Planning web collaboration services

  • Web collaboration services setup and configuration

  • Managing and monitoring web collaboration services

Apple has progressively expanded its collaboration services — built on Mac OS X Server's open, standards-based foundation of web services supplied by Apache — to provide users easy access to information-sharing services via a simple web browser.

Web-based collaboration services in Mac OS X Server started with a simple webmail service that used off-the-shelf software to enable users to access their email accounts via a basic web interface.

Apple later added basic blogging support to Tiger Server based on Blosjom, which enabled administrators to set up simple weblogs for users to make publishing regular information on the web easy.

In Leopard Server, web-based collaboration tools took off with the advent of a new wiki feature that enabled organizations to set up a website users could log in to to update, edit, and expand on.

Unlike traditional wiki software, such as the PHP-based MediaWiki software that powers Wikipedia, Apple's wiki services in Mac OS X Server don't drop users into a special markup, code-editing mode that requires using simplified HTML-like syntax.

Instead, wiki editors working with sites hosted by Mac OS X Server can simply click an Edit button appearing on the wiki's web page, authenticate with their account information, and then select elements ...

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