Chapter 30. Podcast Producer

In This Chapter

  • Introduction to Podcast Producer

  • Planning podcast production

  • Podcast Producer setup and configuration

  • Managing and monitoring Podcast Producer

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server's Podcast Producer 2 enhances the video encoding, publishing, and distribution product that debuted in Leopard Server with a simplified setup, easy-to-use workflows, and a new Podcast Library for archiving content.

Podcasting has taken off in a big way ever since the large storage capacity offered by the iPod was matched with an efficient, easy way to obtain new content by using RSS feeds.

Apple added podcasting support to iTunes to make it easy to find and subscribe to feeds created by publishers to make their content accessible. The company then encouraged universities to publish their content in iTunes U, offering a simple way to publish content with authenticated access.

The company also delivers consumer video capture and editing tools and software for crafting podcast feeds for publishing directly to iTunes, along with professional and prosumer video-editing tools in Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express.

Podcast Producer fills in the middle step for organizations and companies, allowing the automated capture of presentations that are submitted to a central server for processing to add titles and branding and then encode them for various devices.

In addition to creating podcasts aimed at mobile users, Podcast Producer can also be used to target high-quality video content ...

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