Chapter 1. I Can See Clearly Now—Easy Ways to Read, Sort, and Store Ever-Increasing Quantities of E-Mail

Learn how to:

  • Get the most out of the Outlook 2007 user interface

  • Sort and categorize your information for easy access

  • Protect yourself from junk e-mail

The New Look of Outlook

Outlook. Your work day revolves around it. It’s the first thing you look at when you come into the office and the last thing you look at before you leave. Sometimes, Outlook even follows you home at night. So if you know Outlook like the back of your hand, why does Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 resemble someone else’s hand entirely?

As the way we work with e-mail changes, so must our e-mail application. Simply put, it was time for a makeover. The new Office Outlook 2007 user ...

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