So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?: How to Decide if Starting A Business is Really For You

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Jon Gillespie Brown brings his extensive mentoring experience to bear in this new handbook for would-be entrepreneurs. So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? contains a series of mentoring sessions, each carefully thought out to make you consider and plan your life based on your passions, ambitions and ultimate visions. By actively taking part in each of the exercises, you give yourself the best chance of succeeding as an entrepreneur, or the sufficient clarity to decide what other career options are best suited to you.

Explore your real goals, hidden talents, passions, assets and core skills. The simple self-discovery tools in the book will make it easy for you to analyse this information and take the next steps towards your entrepreneurial dreams with total confidence.


'Read this book if you plan to be an entrepreneur, find out what it's really like before you make the leap!' Doug Richard, entrepreneur, business investor and former member of the Dragons' Den TV programme

'Before I invest in a business at an early stage I want to know the founders knew what they were getting into. I would suggest they check out if they measure up to the demands of the ups and downs required to be a successful entrepreneur by reading this book first.' Richard Farleigh, Author Taming the Lion: 100 Secret Strategies for Investing and former member of the Dragons' Den

'The key to entrepreneurial success is understanding what type of entrepreneur you are, and then doing business in a way that is true to yourself, and above all, one that brings you personal happiness and fulfilment. This book will help you decide whether a life of an entrepreneur is for you.' Rachel Elnaugh, entrepreneur, business speaker and former member of the Dragons' Den

'Very few people truly consider the hard work, disappointment, frustration and crushing lows that every Entrepreneur experiences along the journey. Jon's book is a must read for anybody ready to take the leap!' Richard Parkes Cordock, author of Millionaire Upgrade and creator of Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme

'The only form of safe employment is self-employment. I recommend anyone considering the entrepreneurial path to read this book.' Geoff Burch, International Speaker and author of Go It Alone: The Streetwise Secrets of Self-Employment

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
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      1. The Grameen Foundation
    1. Can a book really make a difference?
    1. The London Business School
    2. My many friends, entrepreneurs and mentees
    3. Publishers
    4. Special thanks
    5. Contributors
    1. Introduction
    2. Dreaming big dreams
    3. Your passion – what are you willing to do for the rest of your life?
  6. The entrepreneur test – is starting a business right for you?
  7. 1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    1. 1.1. Introduction
    2. 1.2. Top ten ways to answer the ultimate question – do I want to become an entrepreneur?
    3. 1.3. What is an entrepreneur?
    4. 1.4. Research into entrepreneurs
    5. 1.5. The top ten traits of successful entrepreneurs
    6. 1.6. Lessons
  8. 2. Entrepreneurs Uncovered
    1. 2.1. Top ten myths about entrepreneurs
    2. 2.2. What makes people become an entrepreneur?
    3. 2.3. Are you feeling like an entrepreneur yet?
    4. 2.4. Lessons
  9. 3. Entrepreneurial Lifestyle
    1. 3.1. What's life like as an entrepreneur?
    2. 3.2. Ten great things about being an entrepreneur
    3. 3.3. The story of an entrepreneurial beginning
    4. 3.4. Lessons
  10. 4. Deconstructing You – Part 1
    1. 4.1. Taking a personal inventory and assessing your current resources
    2. 4.2. Audit your business history and abilities
    3. 4.3. Management skills evaluation
    4. 4.4. Personality evaluation
    5. 4.5. Accomplishments
    6. 4.6. Your health position
    7. 4.7. What interests you in life?
    8. 4.8. What about your family and network?
    9. 4.9. Have you considered the ideal lifestyle for you?
  11. 5. Deconstructing You–Part 2
    1. 5.1. What's your personal motivation?
    2. 5.2. A story about finding your personal mission:
    3. 5.3. Vision, purpose and personal mission statement
    4. 5.4. Identifying personal criteria that will fit your new business
    5. 5.5. It's not all about the 'money' or being a 'millionaire'
    6. 5.6. Make an 'I want' list
  12. 6. Is it Really for Me?
    1. 6.1. Getting over the fear of starting out
    2. 6.2. Anyone can become an entrepreneur at any life stage
    3. 6.3. The young or 'student' entrepreneur
    4. 6.4. Making the transition from the corporate world
    5. 6.5. You can be an 'geriatrepreneur' when you are over 55 too
    6. 6.6. Top ten excuses for not becoming an entrepreneur
    7. 6.7. Finding the courage to go for it
    8. 6.8. Lessons
    9. 6.9. Take the 'rocking chair' test before you give up on your dream
  13. 7. Make Sure you Take your Loved Ones with You
    1. 7.1. Achieving a life of balance
    2. 7.2. Getting the balance right at home
    3. 7.3. Your friends and family
    4. 7.4. Your circle of influence
  14. 8. Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur?
    1. 8.1. So what are your answers to the ultimate question – do you want to be entrepreneur?
    2. 8.2. Top ten ways to answer the ultimate question – do I want to become an entrepreneur?
    3. 8.3. Next steps ...
  15. Epilogue
  16. Answer key

Product information

  • Title: So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?: How to Decide if Starting A Business is Really For You
  • Author(s): Jon Gillespie-Brown
  • Release date: July 2008
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9781841128030