acquisition strategies for governance technology, 444-447

active governance tasks, 429

activities in RUP, 620. See also vitality activities

administrative governance technology, 429

Adoption Impact Analysis process, 176-178

adoption planning

case study, 182-186

people for, 179-182

precepts for, 169-173

processes for, 173-178

Adoption Risk Assessment process, 178

Agnostic Capability design pattern, 491

Agnostic Context design pattern, 492

agnostic logic, defined, 39-40

Agnostic Sub-Controller design pattern, 493

analysis stages in MSOAM, mapping to RUP disciplines, 626-627. See also Service Inventory Analysis lifecycle; Service-Oriented Analysis stage

Annotated SOA Manifesto, 34, 53, 578-590

approve activity (vitality activities), 423 ...

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