SOA Governance

Book description

Address the #1 Success Factor in SOA Implementations: Effective, Business-Driven Governance

Inadequate governance might be the most widespread root cause of SOA failure. In SOA Governance, a team of IBM’s leading SOA governance experts share hard-won best practices for governing IT in any service-oriented environment.

The authors begin by introducing a comprehensive SOA governance model that has worked in the field. They define what must be governed, identify key stakeholders, and review the relationship of SOA governance to existing governance bodies as well as governance frameworks like COBIT. Next, they walk you through SOA governance assessment and planning, identifying and fixing gaps, setting goals and objectives, and establishing workable roadmaps and governance deliverables. Finally, the authors detail the build-out of the SOA governance model with a case study.

The authors illuminate the unique issues associated with applying IT governance to a services model, including the challenges of compliance auditing when service behavior is inherently unpredictable. They also show why services governance requires a more organizational, business-centric focus than “conventional” IT governance.

Coverage includes

  • Understanding the problems SOA governance needs to solve

  • Establishing and governing service production lines that automate SOA development activities

  • Identifying reusable elements of your existing IT governance model and prioritizing improvements 

  • Establishing SOA authority chains, roles, responsibilities, policies, standards, mechanisms, procedures, and metrics

  • Implementing service versioning and granularity

  • Refining SOA governance frameworks to maintain their vitality as business and IT strategies change

  • Introduction: A Services Approach  

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Governance   

    Chapter 2: SOA Governance Assessment and Planning

    Chapter 3: Building the Service Factory  

    Chapter 4: Governing the Service Factory    

    Chapter 5: Implementing the SOA Governance Model   

    Chapter 6: Managing the Service Lifecycle    

    Chapter 7: Governance Vitality     

    Chapter 8: SOA Governance Case Study    

    Appendix A: Glossary    

    Appendix B: References    


    Product information

    • Title: SOA Governance
    • Author(s): William A. Brown, Robert G. Laird, Clive Gee, Tilak Mitra
    • Release date: December 2008
    • Publisher(s): IBM Press
    • ISBN: None