Chapter 7. JAX-WS 2.0—Server-Side Development

The preceding chapter looked at how JAX-WS can be used as a client-side tool to create consumers of SOA services. This chapter looks at the server-side capabilities provided by JAX-WS. I examine a variety of implementations, including examples that start from WSDL, integrate with existing (legacy) classes, and perform XML processing without any Java/XML binding. Deployment and packaging issues are discussed in the next chapter, where Web Services Metadata 2.0 (WS-Metadata) [JSR 181] and Web Services for Java EE 1.2 (WSEE) [JSR 109] are covered.

The key to understanding how to best use JAX-WS to develop and deploy useful SOA services is to look at and write lots of examples. So, that is what I give ...

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