Chapter 1

1. As the deployment standard for EE containers, WSEE is supported only in Java EE, not Java SE.

2. Note that EJB 3.0 continues to improve and implements the advanced Aspect Oriented Programming and Inversion of Control features its many detractors have been calling for.

3. Some other platforms, in addition to Java EE 5, for deploying Web services include Axis [AXIS] [AXIS2], Systinet Server [SYSTINET], and XFire [XFIRE].

4. I use the term “Serialization” as shorthand for “Serialization and Deserialization.”

5. SOA-J is introduced in Section 1.5 as an application framework built on top of JWS.

6. Don’t worry if you need a better understanding of WSDL and SOAP to understand this explanation. I cover it in more detail in Chapter 4. For ...

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