Publishing, browsing, and consuming ActiveMQ JMS messages via the REST API

For SOAP over JMS SoapUI uses HermesJMS to provide JMS integration to test multiple broker implementations. While HermesJMS is a comprehensive option, it needs some setup and may not be necessary in all test scenarios.


HermesJMS issues

I have noticed the following issues with HermesJMS:

  • Java version: This doesn't seem to work with Java 1.7 (Swing UI class load issue), at least not on MacOS (1.7.0_25). To work around this downgrade from JAVA_HOME to version 1.6 (1.6.0_65), that is, export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.6) and start SoapUI in the same shell.
  • ActiveMQ version: Above ActiveMQ version 5.4.3, Hermes seems to have a class-load issue. Others have logged ...

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