Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to Implement Online Multichannel Strategies to Spark Advocacy, Raise Money, and Engage your Community

Book description

Strategies for advocacy, fundraising, and engaging the community

Social Change Anytime Everywhere was written for nonprofit staff who say themselves or are asked by others, "Email communications, social media, and mobile are important, but how will they help our nonprofit and the issues we work on? Most importantly, how the heck do we integrate and utilize these tools successfully?" The book will help answer these questions, and is organized to guide readers through the planning and implementation of online multi-channel strategies that will spark advocacy, raise money and promote deeper community engagement in order to achieve social change in real time.

It also serves as a resource to help nonprofit staff and their boards quickly understand the evolving online landscape and identify and implement the best online channels, strategies, tools, and tactics to help their organizations achieve their missions.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Figures and Tables
  6. Foreword
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. The Authors
  10. Chapter One: Why Are Online and Mobile Channels So Important to Nonprofits Today?
    1. The Growth of Social Networks
    2. Who is Using Mobile?
    3. Don’t Forget: Offline Counts Big Time Too!
  11. Chapter Two: Guiding Principles for Anytime Everywhere
    1. Principle 1. Identify Your Community from the Crowd
    2. Principle 2. Focus on Shared Goals
    3. Principle 3. Choose Tools for Discovery and Distribution
    4. Principle 4. Highlight Personal Stories
    5. Principle 5. Build a Movement
    6. Put these Principles into Action
    7. Discussion Questions
  12. Chapter Three: Advocacy Anytime Everywhere
    1. Advocating for Social Change: Three Principles to Live By
    2. Create a Successful Multichannel Advocacy Plan
    3. Use Multiple Channels to Engage Supporters
    4. Metrics: Measure Impact Across Multiple Channels
    5. Special Focus: Advocacy Reach Globally
    6. Putting it All Together: Your Complete Multichannel Advocacy Campaign
    7. Discussion Questions
  13. Chapter Four: Fundraising Anytime Everywhere
    1. Fundraising is Like Baking Bread
    2. Psychology of Giving: What Motivates People to Donate?
    3. Fundraising Channels
    4. Plan a Multichannel Fundraising Campaign
    5. Roll Out Your Multichannel Fundraising Campaign
    6. Strategies to Raise More Money Across Channels
    7. Website Channel
    8. Mobile Channel
    9. Social Networks Channel
    10. Discussion Questions
  14. Chapter Five: Community Building Anytime Everywhere
    1. Trust is Required
    2. Speak their Language
    3. Connect the Community Across Platforms
    4. Exercise Your Value in the Community
    5. Discussion Questions
  15. Chapter Six: Multichannel Strategies in Action
    1. Oil Spill Crisis: National Wildlife Foundation’s Multichannel Campaign Response
    2. Ban the Bag: Surfrider Foundation’s Multichannel Advocacy Campaign
    3. Memorial Day: Iava’s #Gosilent Multichannel Community Campaign
    4. Discussion Questions
  16. Chapter Seven: Equipping Your Organization for Anytime Everywhere
    1. Tearing Down Silos: Changing Institutional Culture
    2. Invest and Believe in Your Staff
    3. Staffing
    4. Engaging Leaders in Culture Change
    5. Invest in People or Fade Away
    6. Discussion Questions
  17. Chapter Eight: Transitioning to Anytime Everywhere
    1. Access
    2. Privacy
    3. Navigating Tough Conversations
    4. How to Guide: Managing the Critics
    5. How-to Guide: Managing a Rogue Staffer
    6. Transitioning Your Organization
    7. Discussion Questions
  18. Conclusion: Disrupting the Nonprofit Sector
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to Implement Online Multichannel Strategies to Spark Advocacy, Raise Money, and Engage your Community
  • Author(s): Allyson Kapin, Amy Sample Ward
  • Release date: February 2013
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118288337