Chapter 1

Connecting Business Collaboration with Social Networking

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding what social collaboration means

arrow Moving beyond the “Facebook inside your company” slogan

arrow Accessing new resources in social collaboration systems

arrow Competing and coexisting with e-mail

arrow Finding practical applications for social collaboration

We often talk about having a social life, separate from our work lives, recognizing that mingling the two can be hazardous. Social Collaboration For Dummies isn’t a book about being social at work, in the sense of flirting or sharing jokes. By social collaboration, I mean recognizing that business is inherently social, even when social interaction is constrained within the bounds of professionalism.

In this chapter, I help you understand what social collaboration is (and what it isn’t), outline some of the benefits of implementing a social collaboration system in your business, and suggest some ways that you can help colleagues shift from e-mail to social ...

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