Chapter 19

Social Collaboration for the Worker Bee

In This Chapter

arrow Building your professional brand

arrow Working out loud

arrow Airing issues of company-wide or department-wide concern

arrow Giving feedback and recognition

Social collaboration can be helped immensely by strong leadership from senior executives, but its success ultimately depends upon the contributions of a lot of people. This chapter is for every member of a social collaboration network, regardless of rank, who wants to maximize the benefits of the technology and be a productive member of the online community.

If you’re a manager at any level, you can use social collaboration to organize and motivate your team. Or, if you’re a worker bee with great ambitions, you can exploit the collaboration network to show your leadership potential. No matter who you are, you can make the network more powerful by participating in it — and in this chapter I tell you how to do that wisely.

Using Social Collaboration for Everyday Tasks

What really makes a difference in the context of work is that you use the collaboration network to get work done, ...

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