Greetings reader, welcome to the new world of social business and Social CRM For Dummies. Pat yourself on the back for picking up this book! You are about to enter a world of customer-focused technology that will revolutionize the way you support and market your business. In our very humble opinion, it's an exciting time for all.

Social CRM (that is, customer relationship management) responds to dramatic changes in the business world. Over the past 23 years, we have witnessed an extreme transformation in how customers deal with brands. Much of the change is directly related to the Internet and the development of social media. Extend a hand and welcome social consumers with social technology at their fingertips! With social media, customers can speak, share, and build opinions and thoughts around your brand.

Whether you are an executive of a global business or the owner of a small business, the idea of digital communication is extremely important to your business strategy. The last five years have seen a massive growth in marketing automation, customer service, and sales support technology. And it is forever changing … daily.

Although the rapid changes social media has brought can feel exhausting, it's absolutely imperative to have a finger on the pulse of the CRM and social CRM world. Social CRM For Dummies is your guide to entering this world. In this book, we help you understand where your business is, where you want your business to be, and how to steer your business ...

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