Chapter 11

Supporting the Age of Mobility

In This Chapter

  • Engaging with mobile shopping
  • Navigating your day with mobile devices
  • Locating recommendations with mobile
  • Getting familiar with the mobile enterprise model
  • Discovering how mobile impacts employees
  • Looking into the future of mobile and social CRM

Got your smartphone handy? If you're like almost 50 percent of wireless device owners, you probably do, according to a Nielsen study. We use our smartphones and other mobile devices like actual companions that assist us in navigating our day.

In marketing, mobile is known as the third screen. We've gone from the first screen (TV) to the second screen (the computer) and now on to the third screen (the mobile device). If anyone is concerned that the previous screens would disappear, they can stop worrying. Mobile users have figured out how to enhance each of the other screens by using them in tandem.

For example, if we're watching a TV show, we may look up the actor's bio on our smartphone. If we want to visit the museum we read about while sitting at our desktop computer, we can get directions while we're on the way from our mobile device. If we want to find a new restaurant, some of us ask Siri (iPhone's mobile assistant) or other smartphone review apps for a recommendation.

Armed with this knowledge, business owners need to make decisions about how to integrate this behavior into their social media strategy. In this chapter, we look at how pervasive mobile devices have become ...

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