Chapter 12

Building a Social Organization

In This Chapter

  • Encouraging collaboration
  • Figuring out your processes
  • Gaining internal support for your social CRM initiative
  • Laying the groundwork for an internal social network

If you're wondering if social media adds a new layer of complexity to corporate policy, wonder no more. Just like everything else in its wake, social media impacts corporate governance. Even if a corporation has corporate governance guidelines in place now, it still needs to revise them to include social media guidance.

If your corporate leaders forbid employees from using social media as part of their sales and marketing strategy, they're missing out on a powerful tool. Just like every other iteration of Internet tools — for instance, websites and e-mail — social media techniques must become part of the fabric of a brand's strategy.

For your social strategy to succeed, your business needs to foster a collaborative environment among employees. That is ultimately the resounding message of this book. Collaboration is absolutely essential when you're building a successful social CRM model. In order to fully utilize all forms of information, it's important that your internal units work in a collaborative way.

In this chapter, we explain how to build consensus among the leadership within your company. We also highlight some of the key ideas surrounding effective communication between business units using internal social networks.

Defining the New Internal Ecosystem ...

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