Chapter 16

Top Ten Enterprise-Level Social CRM Solutions

In This Chapter

  • Introducing top customer service CRM firms
  • Checking out the strengths and weakness of the top CRM applications

We all know that enterprise is different than small business. Each company must have a differing level of support when it comes to technology. In this chapter, we've compiled the following list of enterprise-level social CRM providers that you can use as a starting point for researching your own enterprise-level solution, if that's indeed what you need. We chose the providers listed in this chapter based on whitepapers, customer experiences, executive interviews, usage, and a little help from our friend Paul Greenberg. Remember him? The Godfather of CRM? Paul writes CRM Watchlist, an annual list of top-performing vendors at ZDNet. We recommend you check it out.

One more thing: research and define your overall strategy before diving head first into a software product. We want this list to be a guide, not the rule.

Oracle CRM

It's hard to look at any enterprise CRM or social CRM list and not see Oracle somewhere toward the top. Oracle has dominated the CRM space since the early 2000s and continues to do so despite the extreme changes. With over 380,000 clients (including ZDNet), Oracle is at the top of the list covering sales, marketing, loyalty, and services.

Oracle is powerful in part because it has invested heavily in many different CRM product offerings over the ...

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