Chapter 18

Top Ten Social CRM Thought Leaders

In This Chapter

  • Knowing who the thought leaders are
  • Identifying each thought leader's focus
  • Finding links and tweets for reading and development

The world of social CRM would be a much different place without the leadership and guidance of the people listed on the following pages. Their guidance whether by phone, through writing, or e-mail helped form the contents of this book and the industry.

They are the preeminent thought leaders of social CRM and will continue to write, create, and lead the revolution of the social consumer. We recommend that you read, friend, and follow them. (Find each person's Twitter handle and website under his or her name in this chapter.) If you stalk them, we didn't tell you to do that.

Paul Greenburg

You want the scoop on CRM strategy, technology, stories, companies, and personalities? Paul is your guy. He's known widely as the Godfather of CRM. His writes about the world of traditional and social CRM, focusing on not only what CRM is, but also where it's going. His blog is shown in Figure 18-1.

Figure 18-1: Paul Greenburg is known as the Godfather of CRM.


Adam Metz

Adam Metz is considered an expert on the social customer. He's also touted as one of the first consultants in the social CRM space to devise a holistic social web analytics ...

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