Manuela Vieth and Jeroen Weesie

Trust and Promises as Friendly Advances

Experimental Evidence on Reciprocated Kindness

Note: We thank Vincent Buskens for comments, assistance during experimental sessions, and improvements in the Dutch version of instruction texts. For assistance during the experiment, we thank Rense Corten, Dennie van Dolder, and Richard Zijdeman. And we gratefully acknowledge comments made by Ozan Aksoy, Davide Barrera, Andreas Diekmann, Ben Jann, Wojtek Przepiorka, and Werner Raub, as well as by participants at the LMU seminar in Venice 2006, at the Japanese-German meeting of the DGS section “Modellbildung und Simulation” 2007 in Zurich, at the “Behavioral Studies” colloquium at ETH Zurich in 2007, and at the IIS 2008 World ...

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