Chapter 1 The Concept of Social Media

Dr. Ahmet Türkmen

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Akdeniz University, Turkey

1. Introduction

With 3.6 billion users in 2020 (Tankovska 2020), and 2.5 hours of daily use (Kemp 2021), social media became arguably a large part of modern everyday life. According to many scholars, (e.g. Ismagilova et al. 2017, Ngai et al. 2015, Phang et al. 2015, Colliander and Dahlen 2011), its presence in daily life resulted in undeniable changes in the way people, social groups, and organizations interact with one another in the last decade. Social media’s rapid growth and its variety of uses and user profiles attracted the attention of both academics and professionals.

This chapter aims to describe and ...

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