Social Media Analytics Strategy: Using Data to Optimize Business Performance

Book description

This book shows you how to use social media analytics to optimize your business performance. The tools discussed will prepare you to create and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. From understanding the data and its sources to detailed metrics, dashboards, and reports, this book is a robust tool for anyone seeking a tangible return on investment from social media and digital marketing.

Social Media Analytics Strategy speaks to marketers who do not have a technical background and creates a bridge into the digital world. Comparable books are either too technical for marketers (aimed at software developers) or too basic and do not take strategy into account. They also lack an overview of the entire process around using analytics within a company project. They don’t go into the everyday details and also don’t touch upon common mistakes made by marketers.

This book highlights patterns of common challenges experienced by marketers from entry level to directors and C-level executives. Social media analytics are explored and explained using real-world examples and interviews with experienced professionals and founders of social media analytics companies.        

What You’ll Learn

  • Get a clear view of the available data for social media marketing and how to access all of it
  • Make use of data and information behind social media networks to your favor
  • Know the details of social media analytics tools and platforms so you can use any tool in the market
  • Apply social media analytics to many different real-world use cases
  • Obtain tips from interviews with professional marketers and founders of social media analytics platforms
  • Understand where social media is heading, and what to expect in the future

Who This Book Is For

Marketing professionals, social media marketing specialists, analysts up to directors and C-level executives, marketing students, and teachers of social media analytics/social media marketing

Product information

  • Title: Social Media Analytics Strategy: Using Data to Optimize Business Performance
  • Author(s): Alex Gonçalves
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484231029