Social Media Branding For Small Business

Book description

Social media branding provides the thinking, evidence, and practice to create a road map for practitioners in small businesses to develop and implement their brand in online and of ine communities. It provides a starting point, as one of the biggest issues for small businesses is where to start. Social Media Branding For Small Businesses provides a framework to guide your strategy and implementation. The approach is called the 5-Sources Model. The resources are the have fundamental branding principles that
focus on simply outsourcing your brand. Putting the customer back in control while focusing on the community and this group of dedicated customers and other stakeholders. The 5-Sources Model simply says that the social media brand for small businesses needs to play an important role in your customers’ functional and emotional existence. It is both the serious and the fun experience of your brand.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgment
  8. Preface
    1. Power And Validity
    2. Key Questions
  9. Chapter 1 Why, What, and How?
    1. Community Reboot
    2. First Source: Function—Shared Meaning and Objective
    3. Second Source: Emotion and Your brand Loves Me
    4. Third Source: Self-Oriented Actualization
    5. Fourth Source: Personal and Social Engagement
    6. Fifth Source: Collective Relationships
    7. Next Steps
  10. Chapter 2 The Importance of Social Media Branding
    1. Brand as App
    2. What is a Social Media Community?
    3. The Social Media Brand and Your Brand
    4. Functional vs. Emotional
    5. Relationships and Community
    6. Closing Thoughts on the Importance of Social Media Branding
  11. Chapter 3 Source 1: Functional Social Media Brand
    1. Problem Solving, Information Search, and Feedback
    2. Prompt Action
    3. Convenience and Accessibility
    4. Knowledge
    5. Rewards
    6. Closing Thoughts on the Functional Brand
  12. Chapter 4 Source 2: Emotional Social Media Brand
    1. Enjoyment
    2. Problem Alleviation
    3. Privilege
    4. Fantasy
    5. Curiosity
    6. Closing Thoughts on the Emotional Brand
  13. Chapter 5 Source 3: Self-Oriented Social Media Brand
    1. Self-Actualization
    2. Self-Relevance
    3. Self-Branding
    4. Life Arrangements
    5. Closing Thoughts on the Self-Oriented Brand
  14. Chapter 6 Source 4: Personal (Social) Media Brand
    1. Experience Exchange
    2. Community Attachment
    3. Link Building
    4. Social Engagement
    5. Closing Thoughts on the Personal Brand
  15. Chapter 7 Source 5: Relational Social Media Brand
    1. Personalized Brand Communication
    2. Fickle Relational Bonds
    3. Obliged Relational Bonds
    4. Preexisting Relational Bonds
    5. Emerged Relational Bonds
    6. Casual Relational Bonds
    7. Closing Thoughts on the Relational Brand
  16. Chapter 8 Implementing Social Media Branding
    1. Create Functionality Through Product I Love, Service I Use
    2. Create Emotion By Tapping Into My Feelings
    3. Create The Personal and Social
    4. Create Relationship
    5. Being Interactive and Personal
    6. Closing Thoughts
  17. Chapter 9 Brand Building in Action
    1. Case 1 Yarns With Erica and Jess
    2. Case 2 Westjet Xmas Cheer
    3. Case 3 Fun with Bitstrips
    4. Case 4 Communication and Social Media
    5. Case 5 Banking and Social Media
    6. Case 6 Offline Engagement and Online Community
    7. Case 7 The Human Factor
    8. Case 8 Not Much Spark in
  18. Suggestion Readings
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: Social Media Branding For Small Business
  • Author(s): Robert Davis
  • Release date: December 2014
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781631570995