Chapter 12


In This Chapter

arrow Expanding your network with LinkedIn

arrow Enhancing your company presence on LinkedIn

arrow Leveraging LinkedIn conversation tools

arrow Establishing your LinkedIn community

Every business is built on relationships. Whether it’s relationships with your vendors, customers, employees, or the general public, your business runs and grows based on the relationships you form and cultivate over time. LinkedIn is focused on the professional relationships that you foster in business.

LinkedIn helps you first and foremost establish a professional presence online and build and strengthen the connections you have to other professionals. But its beauty is so much deeper than that; LinkedIn also offers you tools to showcase your business as well as create a platform to build a professional community.

What we like most about LinkedIn is that it doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. Even as Facebook’s popularity exploded, LinkedIn didn’t say, “To heck with focusing on business professionals. Let’s be a jack of all trades.” Sticking to its guns has made LinkedIn the most powerful ...

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