Chapter 14

Location-Based Services

In This Chapter

arrow Blending online and offline outreach

arrow Building connections around locations

arrow Growing communities with images

arrow Enhancing real-world events with mobile marketing

This chapter details how you can hold the power of community and social media engagement in the palm of your hand — literally. An amazing thing happened in the past decade: Our telephones became more portable and more powerful than you probably ever imagined. With smartphones, we’re carrying mini computers around, not to mention still and video cameras, audio recording devices, and myriad other tools that use a variety of software applications.

The increasing ubiquity of smartphones brings a seemingly endless supply of mobile applications you can download for free, or for a small fee, that perform many different functions. Some of those applications lead to social networks accessed primarily on mobile devices instead of through the web. These social mobile networks often use the GPS feature in smartphones as an integral part of their services. All of the popular web-based social ...

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