Chapter 8 Snapchat

Sweta Patel is an expert on Snapchat so it made sense to include a chapter from her in this book. You can find out more about her expertise at her website,

Thanks, Sweta, for guiding us through the baby of the social channels!


Key areas we will cover in chapter 8:

  • ✓ why B2B businesses are using Snapchat
  • ✓ growing your Snapchat audience
  • ✓ Snapchat strategies for your B2B organisation
  • ✓ Snapchat perks for B2B businesses
  • ✓ measuring the effectiveness of your Snapchat channel.

Snapchat is the youngest of all the sites mentioned in this book. It was officially released in 2011 and by November 2012, users had sent over one billion photos, making Snapchat as mainstream as the others and just as powerful.

Quick facts on Snapchat

Here are some interesting Snapchat facts:

  • images Five hundred million Snapchat stories are produced per day. It would take 158 years to watch all the stories.
  • images Sixty per cent of all smartphone users are on Snapchat.
  • images Snapchat has more users than Twitter.
  • images Snapchat has a higher video view rate than Facebook (Facebook: ...

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