Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day, Second Edition

Book description

Updated with 100 pages of new content, this edition is better than ever

In the newest edition of his top-selling book, social media expert Dave Evans bypasses theory to provide you with practical, hands-on advice on developing, implementing, and measuring social media marketing campaigns. In what can be an overwhelming topic, he demystifies the jargon, dispels the myths, and helps you develop an effective, day-by-day plan.

Revised and updated with more than 100 pages of new material on all the latest developments, Evans includes new and updated coverage on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+; the latest on listening and analytics platforms; how to incorporate mobile and location-based services like Foursquare and Gowalla into your plan; and more.

  • Helps marketers, advertisers, and small business owners quickly develop effective, practical approaches to social media marketing campaigns

  • Highlights the latest you should know about Facebook, Twitter, and Google+; as well as mobile- and location-based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla

  • Shows you how to track and measure results and integrate that information into your overall marketing plan

  • Features case studies, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on tutorials

If you've been seeking ways to break down social media marketing into tasks you can handle and campaigns that deliver, this is the book you need.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise
  3. Title Page
  4. Credits
  5. Copyright
  6. Publisher's Note
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. About the Author
  10. Foreword
  11. Introduction
    1. How to Use This Book
    2. Disclosure
  12. Part I The Foundation of Social Media
    1. Chapter 1: Backlash
      1. The Early Social Networks
      2. The Pushback Begins
      3. The Backlash: Measured and Formalized
      4. The Main Points
    2. Chapter 2: The Marketer’s Dilemma
      1. The Roots of Avoidance
      2. Early Online Word of Mouth
      3. The Social Web Blooms
      4. Nielsen Adds Social Metrics
      5. The Main Points
    3. Chapter 3: What Is Social Media?
      1. Social Media Defined
      2. Social Media and Marketing
      3. Social Media as a Guidepost
      4. The Elements of Social Media
      5. The Main Points
  13. Part II Month 1: Prepare for Social Marketing
    1. Chapter 4: Week 1: Web 2.0, The Social Web
      1. Social Networks: The Power of the Collective
      2. Social Media Begins Here
      3. Week 1: Engaging with Social Media
      4. The Main Points
    2. Chapter 5: Week 2: The Social Feedback Cycle
      1. Social Media in Marketing
      2. Consideration and the Purchase Funnel
      3. Consumer-Generated Media
      4. Create Your Social Feedback Cycle
      5. The Main Points
    3. Chapter 6: Week 3: Touchpoint Analysis
      1. Touchpoints and the Social Web
      2. Identifying Touchpoints
      3. Quantifying Touchpoints
      4. The Main Points
    4. Chapter 7: Week 4: Influence and Measurement
      1. Influence and the Social Web
      2. Quantifying the Conversation
      3. The Main Points
  14. Part III Month 2: Social Media Channels
    1. Chapter 8: Week 1: Build a Social Media Campaign
      1. How Is Social Media Different?
      2. Quantifying the Social Feedback Cycle
      3. The Main Points
    2. Chapter 9: Week 2: Social Platforms
      1. Building Social Networks
      2. The Main Points
    3. Chapter 10: Week 3: Social Content—Text, Photos, Audio, and Video
      1. Advertising and the Social Web
      2. The Main Points
    4. Chapter 11: Week 4: Social Content—Ratings, Reviews, and Recommendations
      1. Marketplace Conversations
      2. Building Consensus
      3. The Main Points
    5. Chapter 12: Week 5: Social Interactions
      1. Connecting the Dots
      2. Managing Social Information
      3. The Main Points
  15. Part IV Month 3: Complete Your Plan
    1. Chapter 13: Week 1: Objectives, Metrics, and ROI
      1. The Basis for Social Media Metrics
      2. Choosing Social Media Metrics
      3. Real-World Connections
      4. Planning for Measurement
      5. The Main Points
  16. Chapter 14: Week 2: Present Your Social Media Plan
    1. Create Your Plan
    2. The Main Points
  17. Appendix A: Worksheets
    1. Chapters 4–7
    2. Chapters 8–12
    3. Chapters 13 & 14
  18. Appendix B: Additional Social Media Resources
    1. Industry Experts
    2. Industry Blogs and Resources
    3. Agencies and Social Media Practitioners
    4. Social Networks and Services
    5. Metrics Platforms and Listeners
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day, Second Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2012
  • Publisher(s): Sybex
  • ISBN: 9781118194492