Fitting Mobile into Your Social Media Practices

As a marketer, it’s your job to communicate, deliver, and exchange value with your audience, and the practice of doing those things with and through mobile devices is referred to as mobile marketing. Mobile marketing isn’t mystical; neither does it fall outside the practice of traditional marketing. The definition of mobile marketing is straightforward: marketing on or with a mobile device such as a mobile phone.

Mobile marketing also includes the following:

check.png Communicating: Imparting information and news about your offerings and related activities to your audience members: customers, clients, partners, prospects, leads, employees, advisors, investors, the press, and all the other people and organizations that play a role in your business, as well as society at large. Communicating spreads the word about what your organization does and the value it has to offer.

You probably use any number of traditional and new-media channels (TV, radio, print, live events, outdoor media, point-of-sale displays in stores, the Internet, e-mail, telemarketing, social media, and so on) to communicate indirectly or directly with members of your audience. Direct marketing communication occurs when you initiate contact directly with individual members of your audience, as in the case of sending e-mails or initiating phone calls. Direct marketing communication ...

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