Seeding a Viral Campaign

Viral videos are of two types, and it is important to know both:

check.png Organic: This is a video that creates a national frenzy, and people rush to see it and share it with their friends (like singer Susan Boyle). Usually, it just happens organically without planning. It captures the imagination of viewers, and off it goes.

check.png Seeded: This video has a carefully planned viral seeding campaign with lots of thought and advertising dollars behind it. It may go viral, but there’s no guarantee. Some companies specialize in viral seeding, or you can go through a general social media agency to get assistance. Companies like Sharethrough ( ) and TubeMogul ( ) can help in this regard.

Can you make a video go viral? Decidedly no. If you could, marketers would be launching them by the armload. However, these few tips and tricks may improve your chances of creating a viral video:

check.png Keep the content fresh: Nothing beats fresh content when it comes to creating viral video clips. The content needs to be so engaging and unique that people can’t help but want to share it with everyone they know. Always start by focusing on the content.

Use celebrities ...

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