Making SMM Work with TV

Research published 2011 by Nielsen showed that consumers who viewed an appvertisement by Campbell’s Soup was more likely to remember the brand Campbell’s than those who viewed a TV ad.

Some traditional advertisers believe that nothing can replace television to build awareness for a brand. These advertisers scoff at the notion of digital advertising displacing television advertising. Asking marketers to choose between the two is a false choice. Each form of advertising has its place, and each one can complement the other effectively to meet the objectives of the marketing campaign. In the following sections, we outline two scenarios of how digital SMM campaigns can effectively complement a television campaign.

remember.eps Social media has created a perfect storm in the advertising world, which results in new advertising units, like social ads and the rise of earned media, working in conjunction with paid media. And the technological innovations in live streaming is changing the nature of television online, leading to a whole new set of marketing implications for traditional TV advertisers.

Awareness through TV, engagement via the Internet

The reach of television is still insurmountable for any other marketing channel. Television advertising provides awareness for a brand, a product, or a new campaign better than other techniques. But television is most effectively used ...

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