Looking at Facebook Basics

Deciding how to practice SMM on Facebook can seem intimidating because so much is going on at once. The profile page for each entity has a host of links, ads, posts, and so on. In addition, changes to the platform itself are being made continuously. You may feel that as soon as you understand how something works, it changes. One way to overcome this sense of feeling overwhelmed is to remember the following:

check.png The key to SMM on Facebook is to understand that your network is the key.

Together, you and your friends do things online that may affect each other’s behavior. Marketers try to harness this activity to their own advantage. That’s what you need to focus on. For example, if several customers Like your product, their friends will see that recommendation and perhaps buy it too. By understanding the interconnectedness of SMM, you can build your business.

check.png The heart of Facebook is a user’s timeline.

It is easy to forget that the heart of Facebook is not your Facebook page or a user’s profile page; rather, it is the timeline. This is the page that a user sees when she logs into Facebook. It shows her friends’ activities (including potentially your brand’s activity). As a result, it is extremely important to focus your Facebook marketing efforts on the timeline. ...

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