Reaching the Expert Influencers

Different strategies exist for reaching and activating the expert influencers. How you reach them varies based on who they are, what you want them to accomplish, and where you think you have the best chance of establishing a relationship with them.

You may want to consider the following tactics:

check.png Introduce yourself to them at conferences. Most people at business conferences respond to a face-to-face introduction. Make use of that but beware of seeming too intrusive.

check.png Reply to their tweets. Responses to a tweet are expected. Just don’t assume too much, too soon.

check.png Comment on their blog posts. A thoughtful reply to a post may get you more positive attention than you expect.

check.png Friend them in Facebook. You may not get their complete attention if you have a personal profile page, but you may at least get on their radar screen.

The good news is that influencers like to influence, and as long as you have a promising value proposition, they will at the very least listen to you.

Keep in mind that nurturing expert influencers is an investment in the long term, and you ...

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