Keeping in Mind Mobile Phone Capabilities

There are many paths through the mobile devices to engage and interact with members of your community, as we discuss in the preceding section. Phones today increasingly have a wide range of enabling technologies, including cameras, location detection, and motion and touch sensors to enhance the experience.

It’s a snap: Using the camera

Most mobile phones today come with a camera. For this reason, Nokia, the world’s leading phone manufacturer, is one of the leading camera manufacturers and distributors as well. A consumer can use the camera in her phone to opt into a mobile marketing campaign by taking a picture of an ad in a magazine, a bar code, a physical product (such as a DVD or soda can), or herself and then use it in the social media context to contribute content to the community.

Consumers are finding that camera phones are easier to use than a standalone camera. And social network applications make it easier to upload photos directly from a phone’s camera than downloading images from a traditional digital camera to a computer and then uploading them to the community site. Most social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr, allow you to take photographs on your mobile phone and easily e-mail them to the service.

An interesting use of mobile cameras that is emerging is with customers taking photographs of products with the phones, sharing them directly on Facebook, and asking their friends for feedback on whether they should ...

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