Participating in Groups

LinkedIn members sometimes overlook the value of joining groups. They focus on one specific activity, like finding a job, and forget that LinkedIn has the added value of connecting them with second- and third-degree contacts (people who are separated from you by one or two other people). The most powerful use of groups is to find people who you would never have the chance to meet in person. Joining a group they’re in makes the introduction easier.

Benefitting from joining groups

You have several choices about how you want to participate in groups. One option is to join several groups right away to get introduced to those with similar interests. If you prefer, you can join one group and see how you like it. You are allowed to join a total of 50 groups. That sounds like a lot, but remember that you may have several goals for joining. Some benefits of joining groups are

check.png Finding members with similar experiences: You can join a group of those who have worked at the same company you have or are alumni of the same school.

check.png Extending your knowledge of a company in which you are interested: If you’re thinking about working for a particular company, you can find other employees to connect with.

Connecting with members who are interested in the same charitable activities: ...

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