Rethinking Your Website

Practicing SMM philosophies on your website isn’t only about approaching campaigns differently and tying them into your website more strategically. You can also rethink your whole website experience to enable more direct social influence to take place. Redesigning your website with the social influence elements can increase sales and deepen relationships with your core customers. In the following section, we give you some recommendations on how to do that for four important areas of your website.

remember.eps All these recommendations may not be applicable to your website (some require you to sell online, for example), but even those are worth reading nevertheless.

Product pages

The most critical change you can make to product pages on your website is to include customer reviews. Nothing sells a product better than actual customer reviews and ratings of the products. The customer reviews provide the shopper with the perspective of other customers. They give your customers the inside scoop on your products — the ins and outs of them and why they’re good or bad. Customer reviews are extremely popular. According to a 2010 eMarketer survey of U.S. Internet users who are moms, customer reviews on the video site EXPO are trusted nearly 12 times more than the manufacturer’s description. An eConsultancy survey in July 2010 found that a high product rating increases the likelihood ...

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