Chapter 1: Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

In This Chapter

check.png Understanding the benefits of Twitter for your brand

check.png Embracing brevity

check.png Avoiding a reputation as a spammer

check.png Checking out other brands using Twitter

check.png Making every word count

Twitter took the world by storm in 2007. At first, the social media and blogging communities mostly embraced Twitter, but soon brands began appreciating its value. Today, Twitter is mainstream.

At first glance, Twitter looks like a lot of people dropping links and talking about nothing important. But before you write this microblogging site off as a lot of noise, consider the benefits of Twitter and how you can use it as valuable marketing tool — because, make no mistake, Twitter can totally make a brand.

In this chapter, we discuss the benefits of Twitter and how you can use it to raise brand awareness and drive traffic and sales.

tip.eps For more information, check ...

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