Chapter 2: Using Twitter as a Networking Tool

In This Chapter

check.png Following people on Twitter

check.png Reaching out to others on Twitter

check.png Finding the right words

check.png Behaving properly on Twitter

check.png Tweeting up

The people who do nothing but drop links on Twitter are missing out on some amazing opportunities. That’s because Twitter isn’t just a useful promotional tool, but it’s also an important networking tool.

Before the Internet, most people had to join professional organizations and attend networking events on a regular basis. While that’s still the case now, the truth is, all that in-person networking can be expensive, too. Many people who are just starting out in their fields can’t afford to put out the money to attend a lot of events or join many professional groups.

The beauty of Twitter and other social networks is the ability to reach so many people without spending a lot of money. With millions of people on Twitter at any given time, you have ample opportunity to reach out and be reached out ...

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