Chapter 5: Making Social Media Mobile

In This Chapter

  • Understanding mobile media users
  • Reaching people on the go
  • Marketing with social media sites on smartphones
  • Marketing with social media sites on tablets
  • Advertising on mobile social media

Social media is no longer confined to a standard computer of any size. The proliferation of smartphones and apps, 4G networks, more affordable data plans, built-in web browsers, and mobile-ready websites have all contributed to the growth of mobile social activities. Most devices (except old feature phones) can use either a cellular network or Wi-Fi for wireless Internet access.

The integration of social media with mobile devices creates more opportunities to reach your target audience in addition to challenges for managing and integrating your marketing campaigns.

As a social media marketer, try to tap the potential that these mobile devices offer: incredible marketing opportunities to reach both retail and business prospects at the moment they seek information about the product or service you offer, wherever they are. You don't have to wait for them to get back to their desktop computers. Of course, the social media marketing techniques you select may depend on the platforms that your target market uses. In this chapter, we look at how rapidly advancing mobile technology allows you to use social media to reach people on the go.


Mobile social ...

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