Chapter 5: Measuring Other Social Media Networks

In This Chapter

  • Tracking social plug-in results
  • Analyzing Google+ metrics
  • Measuring LinkedIn success
  • Mixing it all up with social mobile metrics

At this point, social media performance metrics are probably dancing in your head, having replaced sugar plums as your object of desire. The newer and less popular sites have fewer metric options, but they are important if you've selected any of them as part of your social marketing mix. Therefore, in this chapter, we look at performance measurements for social plug-ins like share buttons and chiclets, as well as for Google+, LinkedIn, and the mobile versions of your social media pages.

Plugging into Social Media

The term social plug-ins refers to social media chiclets, share buttons, and other tools that allow your social media services to interact with your website and each other. In Google Analytics, you can find reports on the performance of plug-ins by going to Acquisition image Social image Plugins in the left navigation (see Figure 5-1).

Select a Primary Dimension option below the graph to determine which statistical sorting method will be applied first to the analysis of your social media plug-ins (Social Entity, Social Source, or Social Source and Action). In the row below that, you can select ...

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