Chapter 22

Understanding Social Media Governance and Tools

In This Chapter

arrow Examining several governance models

arrow Instituting SMM policies and guidelines

arrow Dealing with a social media crisis

There’s no doubt that social media is going to have a pervasive influence on marketing in the future; arguably, it already does. It is touching every dimension of marketing. In large organizations, it is resulting in new types of collaboration, processes, policies, and governance structures.

But what’s more, SMM is starting to influence corporations in substantive ways beyond the realm of marketing and into public relations, sales, customer service (or consumer relations), and the legal department. Having strong social media governance and tools is more important than ever.

Recognizing How SMM Impacts Other Company Functions

Early in the book, we discuss SMM as it relates to brand marketing and direct response. We also frame social media marketing in the context of customer service and real-time marketing. In this chapter, we look at how social media marketing touches some of these other corporate functions and then we review good governance practices. After that, we discuss the different governance ...

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