Chapter 28

Data and Privacy


check Understanding what kind of data there are

check Practising good data collection habits

check Keeping up with data and privacy laws

check Understanding how data can drive marketing

With data breaches and questionable digital marketing practices becoming more common, data and privacy couldn’t be a more important and sensitive topic for marketers today. From data breaches at Yahoo, Facebook, Marriott, Equifax, and others you can’t presume data is ever as safe as you think it is. Practically every week, there is a data breach somewhere in the world where people’s data gets compromised.

We want to believe that those data and privacy horror stories are at the more extreme end of the spectrum and far away from the marketing that we all do. However, that isn’t the case. Marketing in the digital world can be a slippery slope towards breaking laws and betraying the trust of consumers. It’s important to know what best practices to consider when you’re marketing using data. The laws in parts of the United States and across the European Union have changed as well. Knowing ...

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