Chapter 1

Growing Your Brand with Content


Bullet Discovering the world of content marketing

Bullet Considering your content platform choices

Bullet Using content to sell your brand online

Bullet Developing content that stands out from the crowd

Everything you see online is content — the written word, images, podcasts, radio, video, infographics, charts, and even social media updates on Facebook and Twitter. Content can amuse or teach, but it’s also a powerful tool for catching the attention of search engines and the people who are looking for whatever it is you do. Many businesses are achieving positive results by using different types of content to reach customers and raise brand awareness.

In this chapter, we discuss content marketing. In particular, we define content marketing and discuss the importance of having a content strategy in place.

Tip Don’t get overwhelmed thinking about all the different kinds of content you have to create. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to ...

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