Chapter 2

Analyzing Content-Sharing Metrics


Bullet Using standard analytics to evaluate content-sharing success

Bullet Evaluating internal metrics for blogs, videos, podcasts, and photos

Bullet Estimating ROI for content sharing

You’ve built a blog, updated hundreds of photos, created a podcast, or shot a series of videos. You’ve nurtured and fed your effort with multiple posts and episodes. You’ve promoted your creative endeavor, and now you want to know how many people have visited, how engaged they were, and most of all, whether they shared your content with others, giving your efforts maximum exposure.

Developing good content is hard work. Like with any of your other marketing efforts, you need to understand your return on investment (ROI). In this chapter, we show you how to figure out your ROI and evaluate the effectiveness of your content-sharing social channels.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Content Sharing with Standard Analytics

If you use content as a marketing tool, how do you know whether your message is getting out there? How do you measure your results? How viral is your content? Are viewers or readers recommending your content to people other than those you reached ...

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