Keeping an Eye on Offline Marketing

Offline marketing can be as elusive to track as a phone call. How do you know if your billboard, poster, flyer, or mailer is bringing traffic to your site? It can be frustrating not knowing how the hard-earned money you spend on advertising is working to generate leads. (Actual sales have their own ROI — income — which is much easier to follow).

Figure 14-4: The Social Engagement Report in the New Google Analytics.


Using QR Codes

One popular method right now is the use of QR Codes. Keep in mind that QR Codes work only if the customer

check.png Has a smartphone handy and is willing to click

check.png Knows what a QR Code is and how to scan it

Fortunately, QR Codes have become fairly ubiquitous, so there is a good chance the customer knows how to use them.

Google has embraced the QR Code technology over Microsoft’s version of the clickable code and other methods, unsurprisingly. This works in your favor because Google now generates a trackable QR Code for you that you can then layer on a trackable short URL and get double traction on metrics. When building your QR Code through Google’s QR Code builder (see Figure 14-5), you add your analytics segments right into ...

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