The Big Daddy: Google Analytics 101

Google Analytics (see Figure 3-1) is incredibly versatile, so much so that I could easily fill an entire book on its features and uses. However, because I don’t have room for that, I’ll stuff a single section full of key points to get you started quickly.

The first thing you need to know to use Google Analytics is that you need to have a Google account to do so. In fact, having a Google account isn’t a bad idea, anyway — it allows you access to a variety of free Google tools that will enhance your online experience. But for now, we’re focused on one: Google Analytics. The easiest way to get a Google account is to either set up a Gmail account (free) or a Google+ account (free).

Figure 3-1: Google Analytics.


tip.eps Google Analytics offers a lot of hidden features — features that can really improve your metrics-reading skill set. I can’t cover them all here, but did you know Google offers classes, too? Sign up to qualify for the Google Engage for Agencies program or one of their other free course series to get certified as a pro Googler! It helps you make your business better, and it looks great on your resume. Look for it in the help section of your Google Analytics account or AdWords account.

Installing Google Analytics

If you don’t already have ...

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